Global Accountancy Institue is an approved Computer Based Examination Centre for ACCA and FIA/CAT computer based exams. Computer Based Exams (CBEs) are available for ACCA Knowledge module papers - F1, F2 and F3 and Foundation Level FIA Introductory (FA1 & MA1), Intermediate (FA2 & MA2) and Diploma (FAB, FMA & FFA) papers. 

As part of ACCA’s ongoing exam transformation, the Papers F4 (ENG) and F4 (GLO) exams are now available to take as on-demand computer-based exams (CBEs). 

We’re delighted to add these exams as part of our existing suite of CBE exams, because we know how much students love taking advantage of:
  • Instant results – pass or fail, students can start making decisions about the next steps on their ACCA journey straightaway.
  • Greater flexibility – for students to balance their studies with life and work commitments.
  • Added convenience – for student to book an exam at a time and place that suits them.
Additionally, the format of the Paper F4 exams has changed in all versions. All F4 exams (CBE and paper exams) will now be two hours and contain new types of questions which test students’ knowledge on scenarios from a number of different angles. These changes ensure the exam reflects today’s business environment meaning students are equipped with the right skills to help them in the workplace. It is important to note that while the exam format has changed it will still continue to be as rigorous as ever, requiring the same amount of planning and preparation.
The changes to the Paper F4 exam are all part of ACCA’s ongoing exam transformation. We recently told you that ACCA will be introducing a September 2015 exam session in some of our larger markets, followed in 2016 by the introduction of four exam sessions a year across all of our markets.  
As with Papers F4 (ENG) and (GLO) being available as an on-demand CBE, these additional exam sessions will give students greater flexibility allowing them to potentially take resits quicker or spread their studies over the additional exam sessions. 
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