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August 23,2014
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Complaint Procedures
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Complaint Procedures:

At Global Accountancy College we aim to provide the very best for our students and to contribute to the life of our local community. We seek to promote inclusivity, tolerance and respect for others at all times within a caring, supportive environment which values diversity. Despite our best intentions from time to time things can go wrong. When this happens you may wish to make a complaint. The procedure set out in this handbook tells you how to go about doing this.

Key principles:

1. The College aims to provide an excellent service for both students and the community.
2. Complaint will be dealt with promptly and fairly on the basis of this procedure.
3. The College will seek to learn from complaints found to have been valid and may make changes to operating procedures and practices where appropriate.
4. In dealing with complaints the college will have regard to its commitment to promote inclusivity, tolerance and respect for others and to the value it places on diversity.

Scope of the procedure

The College will investigate complaints that include the following areas:
• The quality and management of learning and assessment provision
• Financial irregularity
• Undue delay or non-compliance with published procedures
• Poor administration
• Equality and diversity issues
• Health and safety concerns
• Confidentiality
The College reserves the right not to investigate complaints considered to be vexatious or malicious.

The Procedures

There are three stages in dealing with a complaint. These are:
Stage one – informal resolution by discussion
Stage two – if this is not successful and you make a formal complaint to the President & CEO, he will arrange for your complaint to be investigated
Stage three – if you are still dissatisfied the Chairman for Broad of Governors will be asked to consider that there are sufficient grounds for an appeal against the outcome of the investigation, he will arrange for a panel of two administrative officers to be hear the appeal.

The way in which each of the three stages work is set out in detail below:

Stage one:

Where it is  possible  the College will try to deal with your complaint fairly, quickly and informally. 
• If you are a student of the college, In the event that you do not consider it appropriate to approach your Tutor or Administrative staff  you can send your complain to: complaint@globalaccountancycollege.com

Stage two:

If you wish to take your complaint to the next, formal stage you will be asked to explain your complaint in writing. This should be addressed to the President & CEO. The President will normally call you within 5 working days of receiving your written complaint. 

The President will appoint an appropriate member of staff to investigate your complaint and you will be given the name and contact information of this staff.
The College will normally aim to let you have the results of the investigation within 25 working days of receiving your written complaint. If the investigation is to take more than 25 days you will be informed.

Stage Three:
If you are still dissatisfied at the end of the stage two investigations, the matter will be referred to the Broad of Governors. They will review your written statements and the college’s response to these. They may make further enquiries to clarify any particular points or issues.
If they consider that there are sufficient grounds for an appeal against the outcome of the stage two investigations, they will arrange for a panel of two Administrative officers to hear your appeal. The Complaints Panel Procedure will then apply and you will be proved with a copy of this.
Stage three is the final stage of the College’s Complaints Procedure.

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