We are  pleased to announce the launch of our  brand new Global Students Referral Incentive Program!

Everybody loves referrals, and one thing I've learned is that they also love to be recognized for giving referrals.

The Global Students Referral Incentive Program (GSRIP) is an incentive program to help recruit accountancy students. It allows  you to earn incentives for referring your friends and family to Global Accountancy Institue (GAI).

Each time a current student recommends a prospective student that ends up enrolling in the Institue, that student receive  a referral credit of  US$10.00. This will be credited to you account and apply to any current or future invoices. This is an effective way to reduce your tuition fees. Go ahead and tell others about Global Accountancy Institute..and get paid for doing so..

To qualify, referrals must be acknowledged during the application process on the application form. You will need to give the prospective student your Global Referral ID(GRI) which is the same as your Global Student Registration Number(GSRN). The prospective student will input this during the registration process.


Share your “Global Pride” with others!  You are by far our best ambassadors, sharing positive experiences through simple word of mouth to families, friends, and colleagues.