How To Pay Your Tuition Fees using Global Pay As You Learn System(GPAYLS) from Global Accountancy on Vimeo.

Global Pay As You Learn System(GPAYLS). The Global Pay as You Learn System is a scalable payment plan system that enables students to using monthly installments.

Under this system, Global Accountancy Institute Student Members will receive a monthly invoice according to their customised payment plan.

Members using the Global Pay As You Learn System(GPAYLS) will pay a 10% Interest on the total Invoiced amount and will not  received the normal 30% Members discount.

Let us look at an example. 

If you want to study for ACCA Paper F1/FAB, which cost US$250 for six(6) months tuition, your monthly payment will be calculated as follows:

Global Annual Membership Fee:                                   US$50.00

Global Tuition Fee for ACCA Paper F1/FAB:                US$250.00

Total Fee before Interest                                                  US$300.00

Interest charge @10%                                                      US$30.00

Total Amount Due for Payment within 6 months         $330.00

Your monthly payment will be: $330/6= US$55.00

Let us look at another example assuming that you are studying for three(3) papers.

Global Annual Membership Fee:                                   US$50.00

Global Tuition Fee for 3 papers[3 x US$250]             US$750.00

Total Fee before Interest                                                  US$800.00

Interest charge @10%                                                      US$80.00

Total Amount Due for Payment within 6 months         $880.00

Your monthly payment will be: $880/6= US$146.60

Student Members need to comply with their payment plan schedule at all times. Any overdue balance will attract a monthly charge of $10 per month on the outstanding amount.

Where student members do not comply with the payment plan chosen, Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. reserves the right to bar such students from attending classes and also accessing Global Virtual Campus. Other access may also be restricted.

All outstanding invoices will have to be paid before re-activation and a re-activation fee of US$30 will be applied.

The aim is to bring high quality tuition  to as many students as possible at an affordable rate.

We offer a flexible way for you to spread the cost of your Tuition

Benefits of Global Pay as You Learn System

1.      Allows you to pay as little as US$55.00 per month to start your ACCA Courses and then make six(6) equal monthly payments as you go.

2.      Your fees includes your study materials in the form of digital e-books, Weekly Mocks and  Monthly Mocks

3.      No Financial Pressure to start. Just pay your first  month tuition and start.

4.      Small Interest charge as long as you comply with your plan.

5.      Most affordable professional courses available, whether you pay in full, or pay as you learn.

6.      If you are on a budget and need to spread the cost, most of our courses can use "Global Pay as you learn System". You simply Pay as You Learn .

 Below you can review all the papers within the ACCA Qualification.

Global Fundamental Knowledge Tuition- All Three(3) Papers for USD$750

F1/FAB, Accountant in Business
F2/FMA, Management Accounting 
F3/FA, Financial Accounting

Global Fundamental Skills Tuition- Part A:  All Three(3) Papers for USD$900

F4, Corporate and Business Law
F5, Performance Management
F6, Taxation

Global Fundamental Skills Tuition - Part B: All Three(3) for USD$900

F7, Financial Reporting
F8, Audit and Assurance 
F9, Financial Management

Global Professional level Essentials Tuition: All Three(3) for USD$1050

P1, Governance, Risk and Ethic 
P2, Corporate Reporting
P3, Business Analysis

Global Professional level Options Tuition: Select Two(2) Papers for USD$700

P4, Advanced Financial Management 
P5, Advanced Performance Management 
P7, Advanced Audit and Assurance