Study your way to success using Global Blended Learning Systems(GBLS) 

We offer an array of study options designed to fit your lifestyle, work schedule and preferred learning style. No matter which option you choose, you can benefit from the same comprehensive learning tools and approach that has helped thousands of candidates pass their ACCA and CPA examinations.

Global Face-to-Face Classes

Do you learn better when you have face-to-face interaction with lecturers and fellow students?

Global Face-to-Face classes  are best if you:

  • Like a structured program of lectures, homework and testing.
  • Benefit from feedback and discussion in a physical classroom environment


Global Live Online Classes

If you like the structured learning environment of a classroom but want to study from work or home, then Global Live Online is for you.

Global Live Online classes are best if you:

  • Like a structured program of lectures, homework and testing but unable to attend classes on campus.
  • Have access to the internet


Global Online Self-Study Program

Unable to attend a live face to face or live online class, but require a comprehensive structured program?

Global Online self-study programs are best if you:

  • Want expert instruction that fits into your schedule
  • Study by yourself but still want some academic support


Global Study


Our Study Materials are:

  • Used by students and tuition providers globally to prepare for ACCA examinations
  • Include our newly launched Global Exams Focus Study Materials.