Global Accountancy Digital Library(GADL) using Adobe Digital Editions software 

"Global Accountancy  Digital Library(GACDL)” is fundamentally a resource that reconstructs the intellectual substance and services of a traditional library in digital form.
Digital libraries are not replacements for traditional libraries. They are rather the future of traditional libraries, much as medieval manuscript libraries simply became a specialized and much revered part of the larger print-based libraries that we have today (Seadle, 2006).
Students want choice, flexibility, and ease — to buy or borrow books and read them on their preferred reading devices. Global Accountancy  Digital Library(GADL) using Adobe Digital Editions software offers an engaging way to view and manage media rich eBooks and other digital publications. Use it to download and purchase digital content, which can be read both online and offline. Transfer copy-protected eBooks from your personal computer to other computers or devices. Organize your eBooks into a custom library and annotate pages.
Global Accountancy  Digital Library uses Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions allows you to access ebooks downloaded to your computer in either ePub or PDF format protected with Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM). 
How to set up Global Accountancy  Digital Library(GADL) 
Step #1: Download Adobe Digital Editions
To download Adobe Digital Editions go to The current version of Adobe Digital Editions is 4.0. 
During installation of Adobe Digital Editions there should be an option to either Authorize Computer or Don’t Authorize Computer. Select Authorize Computer and login with your Adobe ID and Password (which you can get from the same screen if you don’t have one).
If this is your first eBook to your Global Digital Library please read the following important information before attempting to download your eBook:

1.       You will not be able to read your eBook without Adobe Digital Editions - so install ADE onto your computer -

2.       Once it is installed, close ADE if it is open on your computer.

3.       Copy and paste the download link below into your web browser.

4.       When a dialogue box pops up, select “Open with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)”. You do not need to save the file on your computer.

5.       A box may appear asking for a ‘Vendor’ name. Please select ‘Adobe ID’. You will then have the opportunity to create an ‘Adobe ID’. We suggest that you do this as then you can transfer the eBook onto two other computers easily.

6.       Enter your ‘Adobe ID’.

7.       ADE will then open and the book will appear in your ‘Library’.

Please note that this eBook has a print allowance of 15% of the book to paper, you will not be permitted to print any further pages once the 15% allocation has been used.


Features of Global Accountancy  Digital Library(GADL) using Adobe Digital Editions software 

   Searching eBooks

     Search for keywords across all chapters in your eBook through an intuitive full-text search functionality. Navigate to different      pages by clicking the entries in the search result panel. Additionally, the search results are displayed in a list view for EPUB      3 books.



    Adobe Digital Editions can be used with various screen readers, including JAWS, Window-eyes, and NVDA in Windows,       and Voiceover on Mac OS. 

  Better visibility with Full Screen

   For better visibility, your eBook can be accessed via full screen mode


Bookmarking, Highlights & Notes

Bookmark, highlight or note important and favourite portions of text from your eBook. (Add Note feature is not available in Windows Platform).

Transfer of eBooks between Devices

Extend the reading experience across devices. Adobe Digital Editions allows readers to drag and drop eBooks between different devices.

Borrowing eBooks

Borrow eBooks from many public libraries for use with Digital Editions. Downloading digital publications from libraries is very similar to buying eBooks online except for the payment process

File Organization of All eBooks

Organize your digital publications and manage devices with Adobe Digital Editions with options to create custom bookshelves sorted by title, author, and publisher.


Print your eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions. The application maintains fidelity with what you see on screen. Publishers may also opt for restricted printing.


Multiple File formats

Access your eBook across multiple file-formats including EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF. Modify text and document size on different formats.