Global Accountancy Institue launches its Global Tutorial System (GTS) for ACCA, FIA, CAT, DipIFRS and CPA Examinations in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

 Global Accountancy Institue (GAC) uses tutorials rather than the normal style lecture courses. The Global Tutorial System (GTS) includes  one-on-one tutorial meeting between tutor, mentor and client. Clients are required to write weekly reports indicating what they have learnt from the various  lectures that are assigned to them and the report forms the basis of tutorial discussions and  Practice Questions. The flexibility of the individual tutorial allows each client to design their own study time table for ACCA, FIA, CAT, DipIFRS and CPA Courses. 

 Global Tutorial System(GTS) offers  the best of both worlds! The online format combines the structured schedule and instructor and peer interaction of the Live format with the flexibility and portability of Self-Study. It is a combination of tutorials, lectures, demonstrations and seminars/classes which aims to deliver unparalleled individual academic support to our clients. Particularly, we seek to promote clients’ intellectual growth in a stimulating, relationship-based setting that adapts to individual learning styles and needs. 

One benefit of the Global Tutorial System (GTS) is that our clients receive direct feedback on their course of study in a small discussion setting or one-to-one with their tutors and mentors. The Global Tutorial System has great value because it creates learning and assessment opportunities which are highly authentic and difficult to fake. The System allows you to study anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected computer or download materials and work offline. One of the objectives of the system is  to foster the development of critical thinking which is widely lauded as one of the most vital educational goals today.  Our teaching methodology seeks to develop inquisitive and independent minds capable of complex problem solving through deep engagement with significant ideas.

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